Fairfield Intermediate School - Exceptional Learners, Exceptional Place - Whakaharahara ākonga, Whakaharahara wāhi - 261 Clarkin Road, Hamilton, New Zealand - 07 855 9718 - mail@fairfieldintermediate.school.nz

 Congratulations to the students chosen for our leadership
enrichment programme for this term.



 Welcome to the 2017 School Year.

Dates to note:

Office opens

9.00 am to 3.00 pm from Monday 23 January

Stationery Sales

10.00 am to 3.00 pm Wednesday 25 January and Thursday 26 January.

8.00 am to 12.30 pm - Friday 27 January 

Meet the Teacher 

 Friday 27 January from 8.00 am to 12.30 pm.

Call into the reception to find out your child's room number.  We will have student helpers here to show you to the classrooms.  Your child does not need to be in school uniform.  



 Tuesday 31 January

8.45 am 


Fairfield Intermediate is on Facebook.  

PAYMENTS FOR SCHOOL COST and/or Permission Slips

All payments and permission slips must be put into the "Drop Box" in the Student Centre.

Please ensure payments (cash/cheque) are placed into an envelope with the permission slip if applicable, and write the child's Christian and Surname, room number and 'payment for what', on the front of the envelope.

This includes all permission slips which do not have any money attached.

A warm welcome to Fairfield Intermediate School.
We are very proud of our school, its pupils and what they
accomplish both in the time they are here and in their future years.
Our Vision for our learners and our school is:
Whakaharahara ākonga, whakaharahara wāhi
Exceptional Learners, Exceptional Place
We take pride in providing outstanding educational
opportunities for students in all aspects of the New Zealand curriculum:
      academic, cultural, sporting and artistic.       
We want all our learners to master the aspects of becoming a REAL learner. 
REAL learners show the attributes of:

Respect, Excellence, Aroha and Lifelong learning.

Mr AJ Shortcliffe, BA Dip.Teaching, JP
White Ribbon Ambassador