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Enrolment packs for the 2018 year are available from the school office.
Packs are delivered to all our contributing primary schools for every Year 6 student each year.  These schools are:
Hukanui, Insoll, Fairfield, Bankwood, Woodstock and Pukete.
If you have a child who is not attending these schools, and you would like an enrolment pack sent to you, please phone our office to have one posted.
School costs for 2018 are:

Camp (Port Waikato)
School Donation
$  50.00
Automatic payments may be started now (2017) to ensure your child is eligible to participate in all school activities.  The automatic payment schedule can also include stationery requirements (at an estimate of $80), which means if you start your payments now, stationery will be able to be purchased at the start of the school year, when the stationery shop opens.  
To commence an automatic payment schedule please contact our school office to discuss - 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.
2018 Class Structure / Digital Curriculum

With the Board of Trustees signing off a new class structure for the 2018 year, the Government’s digital curriculum means the old laptop / digital / mainstream class structure has to change.

Next year, all classes will have a digital aspect to them allowing students to bring their own devices and access the internet via a monitored school server. Plans are currently being finalised, and may provide some funding challenges for the school.  There are no plans to change the two accelerate classes.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for 2018

All BYOD devices can be accepted at Fairfield Intermediate from 2018, however some are definitely more equipped than others to handle what we do here in the classroom and around the school.

If price is the factor, go with a Chromebook that has at least 4GB Ram, these are internet based machines that allow students to browse the web and be on google drive. So anything online is accessible.

Laptops, however, are far superior and are reasonably priced now. They can download apps to use in the classroom, such as Word and Sketch-Up for tech drawing. They last longer and they have more ease of use.  HP and Mac are the two most reliable brands in laptops.

I-pad and other tablets are suitable if nothing else is available, but are not suitable for typing up work and they have too many apps that are easily distractible for students.

Notebooks are cheap as they are small laptop versions, but they have a lifespan of around 6 months before they start to slow down and the batteries do not last longer than a block of learning. Avoid these if you can help it.

Mobile phones are not permitted to be used at Fairfield Intermediate as a BYOD.

Laptop fee – If you have already paid the $125 laptop fee for 2018, this amount has been credited to your account.

Fairfield Intermediate School's uniform is sold at NZ Uniforms. They are located at the corner of Tristram and Rostrevor Streets (the black Canterbury building – opposite Founders' Theatre).  NZ Uniforms offers a payment system - see them now to arrange.

There is plenty of FREE PARKING at the rear of the building. Their current shop hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Online details are at:  http://fairfield.nzuniforms.com/

Phone: (07) 839 4550
Free Phone: 0800 698 643

A small amount of second hand clothing is available from school. If you wish to donate any items of uniform, please see our staff in the Student Centre. Thank you.