Fairfield Intermediate School

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Workshop Technology

At Fairfield Intermediate, the specialist subject of Technology is based upon forming knowledge and skills that can be applied in the context of the school workshop. Students are encouraged to use knowledge and skills from other areas of the curriculum; such as mathematics, to help them develop the practical skills required to create in the workshop. These skills are modelled for students and developed by the students as they complete a variety of tasks. 

Students then begin to plan how they could apply these skills independently to work towards a specific outcome. Students will have the opportunity to independently design, model, plan, and create a technological outcome that can be completed in the school workshop and design centre. 

They will develop an understanding of how modelling is used as a thinking process to evaluate the success of a potential outcome. Students will need to consider the use of practical resources and the materials needed to develop the product, the practical skills they will need to apply to create the product, and the process they will need to go through to develop the product.