Fairfield Intermediate School

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The Arts - Visual

At Fairfield Intermediate, the specialist subject of Visual Art provides our students with the opportunity to develop conceptual creative thinking skills through drawing, sculpture, ceramics, design, painting, printmaking and photography. Students develop an understanding of visual literacy and aesthetic awareness as they manipulate and transform visual, tactile and special ideas to solve problems through exploring experiences both collaboratively and individually. Fairfield Intermediate students create works of art by observing and contemplating what they can see and by making connections about how they feel.  

They learn how to participate and celebrate their own and others’ visual worlds. Students develop curiosity and delight in using their senses to enhance concepts visually. An understanding of Māori visual culture will be achieved through exploration of Māori contexts. The arts of European, Pasifika, Asian and other cultures will also be explored.

Fairfield Intermediate students contribute to the cultural life of the school community by sharing their visual art outcomes in an art exhibition. Whānau, House Staff and the SLT are invited to the exhibition during the twelfth lesson. With the students’ permission, their pieces may be entered into competitions or exhibited around the school.  This subject intends to lay the foundation for lifelong enjoyment and participation in visual arts.