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Enrichment Programmes

This year we have made a few changes to the way that our enrichment programmes run at Fairfield Intermediate School. The content of the programme is similar to that of the academies however the process has been streamlined. This comes as a result of an internal review and through the feedback we received from our community survey.

One of the most obvious changes is in relation to the name of the programme, moving from academies to an ‘enrichment programme’. The purpose of our enrichment programme is to provide students who demonstrate a talent in a particular area, extended learning prospects – it gives students the opportunity to study concepts with greater depth and complexity, while also helping students to pursue their own areas of interest and strengths. Another change is that children are now only able to be in one enrichment programme therefore creating more opportunities for a larger number of students and limiting the amount of time that students are out of class. In addition to this, we have disassembled the arts academy to ensure that students are able to partake in all aspects of the arts without needing to be in an academy or enrichment programme. We are also working to ensure that enrichment programmes run during class time will have clear links to our school values, school vision, key competencies and will support student achievement in relation to the New Zealand Curriculum. 

These enrichment programmes are scheduled to start in week ten of this term and will run for the duration of the year. These will be run on either a Thursday or Friday afternoon during block three, depending on the programme.  

The enrichment programmes for 2019 include:

  • Sports Camp Squad 
  • Digital Enrichment
  • Science Enrichment 
  • Engineering Enrichment 
  • Visual Arts Enrichment 
  • Hospitality Enrichment

Below is a brief outline of what each of these enrichment programmes will look like in 2019. Please be aware that applications for these enrichment programmes will open on Monday 4 March and close on Friday 8 March at 3.00pm. 

Sports Camp Squad

For students who demonstrate skills in the area of physical education and sports. This competition that they attend is extremely competitive so we are looking for students who have experienced success in a number of sporting codes and have transferable fundamental skills. Students will need to be able to commit to before school and after school practices and be prepared to learn about fueling their bodies for sports. 

Teacher in Charge:  Chris Keegan 

Number of students: One mixed group Year 7 & Year 8 of 38 students

When: Thursday Block 3

Cost:  There is a cost for this event as it is a week-long camp, there will be fundraisers to help aid with costs. 

Please note: All WIS events, school sports teams and AIMS teams are open to all children in the school not just those in the Winter Sports Camp Squad. 

Digital Enrichment

We are looking for students that have a passion for digital technology and are willing to get involved in a wide variety of digital activities. We are looking for students who enjoy learning a variety of computer programmes, coding, making apps, game design and 3D printing. Students would need to be willing to try new things using digital technology displaying innovation, creativity and be good communicators. 

Teacher in Charge:  Bernie Lockhart

Number of students:  One mixed group Yr 7 & Yr 8 of 30 students

When:  Thursday block 3

Cost: No cost

Science Enrichment

Science enrichment will give FIS students an opportunity to explore the science field of their choice, with the support of a teacher. The Waikato Science Fair in the specialist areas of photography and scientific wall charts will also be a focus for those who want to enter the fair. Students will also enter the Otago University Crystal Growing Competition - if it is on this year.

Teacher in Charge:  Karin Doull

Number of students: One mixed group Year 7 & Year 8 of 30 students

When: Thursday Block 3

Cost: No cost.

Engineering Enrichment 

Students in this enrichment will be both creative and practical. They will be able to share ideas and work alongside others. Students will work through a new programme offered by Wonder Project called Rocket Challenge. All materials will be provided. Places have been booked for this year’s ePro8 competition for a selection of students from the group. 

Teacher in Charge:  Shannan McPeak

Number of students:  14 per group (2 groups in total)

When:  Thursday Block 3 and Friday Block 3

Cost: Students will incur a cost of $10.00 per term.

Visual Arts Enrichment 

In this group, creative students will get the opportunity to enrich their Visual Arts skills and create artworks to a high standard and which are of competition entry quality. Painting, digital photography and creating large artworks will be the main focus in a learning community of like-minded artists.

Teacher in Charge:  Nelda Halgryn

Number of students:  One mixed group Year 7 & Year 8 of 25 students

When:  Friday Block 3

Cost: No cost

Hospitality Enrichment 

The focus this year will be investigating cuisine from around the world and how to use the internet to research recipes and adapt where necessary, learning and using topic-specific vocabulary. In term four, the focus would be on catering, working towards the year 8 ball event. Students will learn to read and create their own recipes using the correct recipe format. Maths and writing will be a strong focus with one lesson being research and the next lesson being a practical session. Students will also learn how to write a menu and how to work out costings. 

Teachers in Charge: Alison Mitchell and Lyn Reid

Number of students:  - One mixed group Year 7 & Year 8 of 24 students

When:  Friday Block 3

Cost: Students will incur a cost of $10.00 per term to help pay for ingredients.