Fairfield Intermediate School

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Academies and Options

Our Academy programme was created to provide unique and challenging opportunities for staff and students. 

It is designed to enrich existing curriculum programmes and cater for students whom we have identified as possessing passion, ability and talent in specific areas. 

The school’s resources, both financial and personnel are managed carefully to ensure we can provide programmes of excellence across our seven academies. 

Teaching personnel are carefully selected to lead or assist with academies based on their abilities, experience and passion in curriculum areas. 

All academies are led by an HOD (Head of Department) with selected staff being included in academy focus teams to assist with facilitation of programmes, events, budgets and reporting.


The Academic Academy programmes extend and enrich students who have demonstrated a high academic ability in literacy, numeracy and inquiry learning. Modules are facilitated by either Fairfield Intermediate staff, or specialist facilitators from outside the school. 

Sessions generally operate once a week but this can vary. 


This Academy offers specialist extension classes in Singing, Drama, Dance, Visual Art, Kapahaka and Musicianship/Orchestra. The criteria for acceptance into these groups is very specific to ensure a high level of talent and commitment. 

Students attend a range of workshops, galleries and performances during the year.


In the context of food and nutrition, the Hospitality Academy will evaluate current issues and theories of nutrition, identify and reflect on factors that influence people’s food choices and use this knowledge to make informed decisions regarding menu planning.

Through the process of selecting, preparing, cooking, and serving food, students develop their creativity and experience a sense of accomplishment.


The Leadership Academy is available to Year 8 students only and offers students a specialised programme cultivating leadership, personal development and citizenship. In essence, it is a leadership development programme catering for emerging adolescents. 

Students have numerous workshops and trips away to Wellington and Auckland where they are able to meet leaders in the community and government, and broaden their experiences. They attend a Leadership Camp at the end of each term with workshops on Te Reo, voice projection, drama, team building, stress management, conflict resolution, S.W.O.T. analysis and vision setting. 

A highlight for the academy is their nine day annual trip to our sister school on Wayalailai Island in Fiji.

Science & Engineering:

At Fairfield Intermediate we want students to experience hands-on science – to learn what science is about and how scientists work. Students selected in the Science & Engineering Academy meet once a week to experience a range of modules. 

There are many highlights of the year, one being the Science Camp which incorporates workshops run by visiting local experts and covers a range of sciences and technologies from computer programming to pinhole photography.


The Sports Academy has been designed for students who demonstrate ability and/or potential in either our core sports, or across a range of sporting codes. The Sports Academy is a mixture of practical, written work and trips. Students learn about fitness, nutrition, hydration, training techniques, sports psychology, game strategies and how to cope with success/defeat. Guest speakers (trainers, administrators, medical professionals and pro-athletes) share their experiences and knowledge with the students. 

A highlight for the Academy is their annual five day sports camp.

Digital Technology:

The aim of this programme is for students to become creative, innovative and resourceful as they learn about various digital technologies. 

They will learn how to access information efficiently and effectively. During the year, students will learn how to use and develop coding, scratch, 3D printing, programming of sphero robots, un-maker’s space, citizenship through minecraft for education, game design and electronics. They can work, play, interact, design and become creators of technology. 

Students will be able to use their individual innovation in real world contexts while still being able to evaluate information both critically and competently. 

Overall, students will develop an awareness of digital information and the benefits of being able to use it with confidence.


Fairfield Intermediate has introduced an Options programme into our school. Options are run once a week for 90 minutes. All children who are not involved in a school academy will be required to select an Option, ensuring that we are being inclusive as a school and offering all children equal opportunities.

Teachers have been working hard on developing options that will appeal to all children, and that have a strong link to the curriculum.