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International Students


We warmly welcome you to our International Department!







  Fairfield Intermediate School has a large International Student Department with students coming to study English from all over the world. 

All International Students are fully integrated into the lifestyle and culture of the school, and take part in a variety of activities designed to improve and develop their English Language ability.




All International Students will  

International Student Enrolments: 

Before school starts all International students must: 




International Student Placement

 On arrival all International students (and parents/visitors) will:




ESOL Classes: 

 All International Students will receive the following support: 




Homestay Accommodation: 

Children who want to stay with a New Zealand family can through our Homestay programme. 



Sports Programme:

Participating in sports and fitness is a large focus for all our students.



School Academy Options:

All International students will have the opportunity to take part in a Specialist Academy in the following areas.




Parent to Student to School Contact:

Fairfield Intermediate School believes that the families of all our International students should have regular contact with their children and the school.




Grievance Procedures:

If you wish to contact the appeal's authority IEAA please contact pbraithwaite@fairfieldintermediate.school.nz for more information.





Video Conferencing Facilities:

We offer video conferencing facilities where you can talk to and see your child online.  For further information regarding this service, please contact the Director of International Students.

Student Visas:

Please download the file from NZ Immigration about student visas Visa Release.


Please click on the link following for our Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students: 

Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of All International Students



In the case of an emergency or for more information regarding fees / enrolments / availability of student places please contact:

Pennie Braithwaite
Director of International Students
(0064) 7 855 9718 ext 860
or email: pbraithwaite@fairfieldintermediate.school.nz