Fairfield Intermediate School

(07) 855 9718 261 Clarkin Road, Hamilton, New Zealand
Whakaharahara ākonga, Whakaharahara wāhi
Exceptional Learners, Exceptional Place

Photo gallery

Here you can see photos of students in action

Cross country

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Once a year all students take part in the school cross-country race to see who goes on to represent the school in the inter-intermediate competition

Trips out of school

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We like to give our students educational experiences outside the classroom. This gives them plenty to talk and write about once we get back to class and they get to practise their English in a non-threatening and fun environment


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Twice a year we take our International Students on a camp, once at the beginning of the year and then again mid-year. This is for new students to get to know each other, existing students and the teachers. We have many activities to introduce them to New Zealand culture and combine it with English language activities and lessons.

Around the school

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Photos of students in and around the school.