Fairfield Intermediate School

(07) 855 9718 261 Clarkin Road, Hamilton, New Zealand
Whakaharahara ākonga, Whakaharahara wāhi
Exceptional Learners, Exceptional Place
Important School Information


We believe it is extremely important that children develop positive attitudes to school attendance. Please keep the school informed of the nature and length of any absence by phoning the school office or by note to the class teacher.
Our absence phone line number is:  855 9718 Ext 1

Our absence email address is:  absent@fairfieldintermediate.school.nz

Our absence mobile phone number for text is:  021 250 5968

To help us in the monitoring of children leaving the school grounds during the day, we ask that parents notify us in writing if their child is required to leave school. A 'Permission to Leave School' pass will be issued.     

Please keep the school informed of changes of address and phone numbers.

Those children who need to go home on odd occasions only, will need to bring a note from their parent each time and they will be issued with a pass for that day. Those children who normally go home for lunch will be issued with a permanent lunch pass at the request of the parent. Lunch passes are issued by the Deputy Principal.  

Students are expected to dress and conduct themselves in such a way as to uphold the good name of our school. They are expected to take pride in themselves and in the appearance of the buildings and grounds. Their good behaviour in public, on the streets, and at sports meetings, brings credit to themselves, their parents and their school. 
We emphasise that good behaviour means demonstrating our core values:
  • Courtesy
  • Co-operation
  • Commitment
  • Courage  


In addition to our school phone numbers, all staff have their own school email address if you should need to contact them.

If you wish to contact staff members about any matters, please endeavour to make an appointment.

The Management Team of our school, consisting of the Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal, request that appointments be made for any matters you wish to discuss with them. Failure to make an appointment could mean a wait for you at Reception.

Contributing Schools:
We welcome pupils to our school from our traditional contributing schools, which are Bankwood, Fairfield, Hukanui, Insoll Avenue and Woodstock, as well as children from a number of other schools. 
Our school in turn contributes to Fairfield College, Boys' and Girls' High, Sacred Heart, Waikato Diocesan, Hillcrest High and Fraser High School. It is also very fitting to point out that all our pupils do exceptionally well whichever school they attend.
Dental Clinic:

The Fairfield Community Dental Clinic is open and can be accessed via Kensington Place. Parking is available down the driveway to the right. The contact phone number is
0800 825 583.


Our school has a unique and special character in that students come from diverse backgrounds. Cultural diversity is celebrated and valued here. Pupils who attend this school will interact with others and increase their people skills. This will prepare them to be responsible citizens in the future.

Home Learning:

The school home learning policy states that all students should have home learning set every Monday through to Thursday evening. This home learning will be marked at school. 

We believe that it is worthwhile for the children to extend their studies outside class time.
We ask parents to use this opportunity to take a first hand interest in their child's home learning. Children should not spend more than thirty to forty five minutes on such tasks daily.
International Students:

The school welcomes International Students to our school. We have an International Student Liaison Officer who oversees the pastoral care of their transition into a New Zealand school. This person is also able to assist with homestay requirements.

Specialised programmes are provided including ESOL, however International Students are encouraged to participate in normal school life as much as possible.

Learning Conferences and Reports: 

Learning Conferences are held in Terms 1 and 3 each year. Each student has a learning journal of work samples. This learning journal is to support the student's written report, these written reports are sent home at mid year and end of year. The mid year report is a short form, the end of year report covers all curriculum areas.
Lost Property:

All items found lying around the school will be sent to the MediaLab Room and may be collected from there. If items are clearly named they are promptly returned to the owner.



A school newsletter is produced every Friday which provides valuable information for parents, this is also available on our website.

Student Centre:

Our Student Centre incorporates the school's Medical Centre, and is where students purchase stationery and attend to all other student enquiries. With the availability of the Student Centre, students generally do not need to use the main school reception.    

A sick or injured student at school must report to the Student Centre. Only when a parent/ caregiver has been contacted will the student be released from school to go home. Once a parent/caregiver has been contacted further action is their responsibility.


We have a 'House' system which runs throughout the year.   Every student is a member of one of our Houses - Kauri, Kowhai, Totara, Rimu or Nikau. Students can earn House points in all aspects of school life, i.e., academic, cultural and sporting, and may also be rewarded with House points for politeness and helpfulness around our school.


Fairfield Intermediate School's uniform is sold at NZ Uniforms. They are located at the corner of Tristram and Rostrevor Streets (the black Canterbury building – just past the Founders Theatre). 

There is plenty of FREE PARKING at the rear of the building. Their current shop hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Online details are at:  http://fairfield.nzuniforms.com/

Phone: (07) 839 4550
Free Phone: 0800 698 643

A small amount of second hand clothing is available from school. If you wish to donate any items of uniform, please see our staff in the Student Centre.