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Enrichment Programmes

Applications are now open for the 2020 Enrichment Programmes. The purpose of our enrichment programme is to provide students who demonstrate a talent in a particular area, extended learning prospects – it gives students the opportunity to study concepts with greater depth and complexity, while also helping students to pursue their own areas of interest and strengths. The enrichment programmes have clear links to our school values, school vision, key competencies and will support student achievement in relation to the New Zealand Curriculum. 

For 2020, we have included Kapa Haka, Pasifika and Production (Terms 1 and 2) into the enrichment programmes. Students are able to be in one of these performing arts enrichments and one other, eg:

  • Kapa Haka and Sports

  • Pasifika and Science 

Please note that students are unable to be in two enrichments unless one of those enrichments is a performing arts enrichment. For example, students cannot do the following: 

  • Sports and Engineering 

  • Hospitality and Visual Arts

  • Production and Science as they are on the same day

Enrichment programmes are scheduled to start in week six of term one and continue for the duration of the year. They will be run on either a Thursday or Friday afternoon during block three, depending on the programme. Please note that the performing art enrichments may start earlier - this will depend on the lead teacher. The enrichment programmes for 2020 include:

  • Digital 

  • Science 

  • Sports Camp Squad  

  • Engineering 

  • Visual Arts 

  • Hospitality 

  • Production - Terms 1and 2 only

  • Kapa Haka 

  • Pasifika 

Students apply for enrichment programmes first with a written application and then have a number of trials over the period of term one. Enrichment programmes begin late in term one and continue throughout the school year. 

Block Three: 

1:25pm - 2:55pm







Visual Art 

Kapa Haka




Production 12.30pm - 3.00pm

Digital Enrichment

For students that have a passion for digital technology and are willing to get involved in a wide variety of digital activities. We are looking for students who enjoy learning a variety of computer programmes, coding, making apps, game design and 3D printing. Students would need to be willing to try new things, display innovation and creativity, work collaboratively and be good communicators. Students must be able to understand the importance of safe online practices.

Number of students:  One mixed group Yr 7 & Yr 8 of up to 30 students

Cost: Nil

Science Enrichment

Science enrichment gives FIS students an opportunity to explore as many science fields of their choice, with the support of a teacher, and work towards earning science badges. Students enter the Waikato Science Fair in the specialist areas of photography and scientific wall charts. It is possible that we will enter the area of observational drawing this year.

Number of students: One mixed group Yr 7 & Yr 8 of 20 students

Cost: Nil

Sports Camp Squad

For students who demonstrate skills in the area of physical education and sports. This competition that they attend is extremely competitive so we are looking for students who have experienced success in a number of sporting codes and have transferable fundamental skills. Students will need to be able to commit to before school and after school practices and be prepared to learn about fueling their bodies for sports. 

Number of students: One mixed group Yr 7 & Yr 8 of 38 students

Cost:  $280.00 approx 

Please Note: All WIS events, school sports teams and AIMS teams are open to all children in the school not just those in the Sports Camp Squad. 


Engineering Enrichment

For students who are creative, practical, and careful. Students will choose two design projects from either rocketry, electronics, woodwork, or robotics. Students in this enrichment will have the opportunity to enter the ePro8 engineering competition in term two and later, attend tours of Gallagher and NZ Steel. Year 8 students will get preference for the tours. ePro8 and the NZ Steel tour are an additional cost.

Number of students: Two mixed groups of 16 students

Cost: $30.00 approximately 

Visual Arts Enrichment 

In this group, creative students will get the opportunity to enrich their Visual Arts skills and create artworks to a high standard and which are of competition entry quality. Painting, digital photography and creating a group mural will be the main focus in a learning community of like-minded artists. Year 8's will attend WIS Visual Arts Day.

Number of students:  One mixed group Yr 7 & Yr 8 of 25 students

Cost: Nil

Hospitality Enrichment 

This enrichment focuses on investigating cuisine from around the world and how to use the internet to research recipes and adapt where necessary, learning and using topic-specific vocabulary. Each year this programme caters the Year 8 Ball event. Students learn to read and create their own recipes using the correct recipe format. Maths and writing need to be a strong focus with one lesson being research and the next lesson being a practical session. Students also learn how to write a menu and how to work out costings. 

Number of students:  One mixed group Yr 7 & Yr 8 of 24 students

Cost: $25.00 approximately 

Production - Beauty and the Beast

Production enrichment gives FIS students an opportunity to explore the performing arts. Students will be required to sing, act and dance. This is a challenging show which will test students physical and mental abilities, however it is a safe place to attempt activities outside of their comfort zone and grow as a person. Successful students will give their all in rehearsals but also practice outside of school to maintain a high level of performance.

Number of students: One mixed group Y7 & Y8 of up to 120 students

Cost: Nil 

Kapa Haka

Do you have a passion for Te Ao Māori? Do you enjoy performing on stage? Kapa Haka is looking for students who would like to learn the bracket set out for 2020's kaupapa, "Tiaki te Whenua". You must be willing to commit to practises, take part in noho and travel to participate in a few competitions this year. Nau mai haere mai ki kapa haka o Maarāwātea.

Cost: Nil 

Pasifika Enrichment

This enrichment focuses on Pasifika performance and encompasses all cultures of the Pacific. Pasifika will help students to build self confidence, leadership skills and gives a sense of belonging. We will be working towards major performances throughout the year, both at school and in the community.  Pasifika enrichment will be held on Friday afternoons and we expect 100% commitment from each student that chooses to join our group. Students of all cultures are encouraged to apply/participate.  We are looking forward to seeing you.

Cost: Nil 

If you have any queries in regards to the enrichment programmes, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Keegan (Acting Deputy Principal) directly - ckeegan@fairfieldintermediate.school.nz