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International Students


We warmly welcome you to our International Department!







  Fairfield Intermediate School has a large International Student Department with students coming to study English from all over the world. 

All International Students are fully integrated into the lifestyle and culture of the school, and take part in a variety of activities designed to improve and develop their English Language ability.




All International Students will  

  • Be welcomed with a school Powhiri.
  • Participate fully in all school life and student activities (academic/cultural/sporting).
  • Be part of a school Academy Programme.
  • Have their own individual buddy to help them in class.
  • Have their own individual learning programme designed by the ESOL Director of Teaching.
  • Go on a school camp with their classroom.
  • Go on school trips with their personal buddy.
  • Go on visits into the local Fairfield community and other Waikato Schools. 

International Student Enrolments: 

Before school starts all International students must: 

  • Complete all international student enrolment forms.
  • Provide medical and immunisation records.
  • Provide medical and health insurance.
  • Complete designated caregiver documents (if not with a parent).
  • Provide a copy of a student or visitor visa.
  • Have an electronic device of their own to work with (Fairfield Intermediate School International Department will provide one if necessary).




International Student Placement

 On arrival all International students (and parents/visitors) will:

  • Have a full school orientation and tour around the school.
  • Meet their personal buddy.
  • Meet their classroom teacher.
  • Be given the International Student Information Booklet.
  • Take a school placement test in the International Department to access their English language ability.
  • Sign up for Academy and Options Programmes.




ESOL Classes: 

 All International Students will receive the following support: 

  • 4x a week ESOL (English Second Language) classes.
  • Qualified ESOL teachers to teach small groups.
  • Survival spoken English conversation classes.
  • Advanced reading and writing academic classes.
  • Advanced grammar and vocabulary academic classes.




Homestay Accommodation: 

Children who want to stay with a New Zealand family can through our Homestay programme. 

  • All homestay families must undergo strict assessments and comply with the regulations set out by the New Zealand Government regarding Pastoral Care.
  • A homestay will be changed if the Director of International Students feels it is appropriate to do so or the parents/families request us to.
  • If a student is living with a parent the homestay checks are not required but we still maintain regular contact with the family.



Sports Programme:

Participating in sports and fitness is a large focus for all our students.

  • Students will take part in a compulsory ESOL sports programme where every week they will participate in a variety of sports activities with other classrooms in the school.
  • We have sports competitions with local schools as a part of our kiwi experience.
  • Additional options for those that want to extend their sporting skill and knowledge.
  • Private coaching specifically for tennis and basketball, and a specific focus on nutrition and fitness techniques is also available.  



School Academy Options:

All International students will have the opportunity to take part in a Specialist Academy in the following areas.

  • Leadership Academy
  • Academic Academy
  • Sports Academy
  • Digital Academy
  • Hospitality Academy
  • Performing Arts and Music Academy
  • Science and Engineering Academy




Parent to Student to School Contact:

Fairfield Intermediate School believes that the families of all our International students should have regular contact with their children and the school. 

  • Children are given set times in their ESOL classes to write and email families and friends back in their home countries.
  • All school reports and information regarding student progress are regularly sent home to families along with portfolios of work that the student has done.
  • Parent/Teacher interviews are held three times a year.
  • All International students receive a leaving certificate and two school reports when they leave the school.




Grievance Procedures:

If you wish to contact the appeal's authority IEAA please contact pbraithwaite@fairfieldintermediate.school.nz for more information.





Video Conferencing Facilities:

We offer video conferencing facilities where you can talk to and see your child online.  For further information regarding this service, please contact the Director of International Students.

  • We use the ‘ooVoo’ programme which is free to download from the internet. You need to have a microphone and speakers on your home computer to hear your child, but a headset is preferable. A webcam attached to your computer will allow you to see your child.
  • Appointments are made and you will be able to talk and/or see your child at the appointed time.
  • Using ‘ooVoo’ will also allow you to talk to your child’s teacher, ESOL staff and any friends that your child may wish you to meet.

Student Visas:

Please download the file from NZ Immigration about student visas Visa Release.


Please click on the link following for our Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students: 

Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of All International Students



In the case of an emergency or for more information regarding fees / enrolments / availability of student places please contact:

Pennie Braithwaite
Director of International Students
(0064) 7 855 9718 ext 860
or email: pbraithwaite@fairfieldintermediate.school.nz