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Homestay Information





All international students will live in either a homestay arranged by the school; with their parents or legal guardian; or a designated caregiver.

Homestays are carefully selected and monitored by the Homestay Co-ordinator. 

All homestay families have to fill out the application forms (see - International documents folder) 





  • International students live with carefully chosen families, who along with the school assist students to adjust to their new environment

  • The Homestay Co-ordinator is responsible for selecting a family that best meets the needs of the student

  • All families are police checked and visited regularly by the Homestay Co-ordinator

  • All homestay families are within the school bus route area.

Please contact our Director of International Students - Ms Pennie Braithwaite if you require information on homestays. pbraithwaite@fairfieldintermediate.school.nz