Fairfield Intermediate School

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Whakaharahara ākonga, Whakaharahara wāhi
Exceptional Learners, Exceptional Place

Agent Information



If you are interested in recruiting students for our school, please contact:


Ms Pennie Braithwaite, Director of International Students



Key Responsibilities of an Agent:

  • To ensure that the student's application and contract are signed.
  • Provide accurate and detailed student information on the application form. 
  • Explain and confirm that the student and their family have read and understood our school expectations and rules regarding International Students
  • Ensure that fees listed on the invoice are paid to the school and this must include homestay and contingency where applicable.
  • Provide accurate flight information well in advance of the student’s arrival date.
  • All communication from the Director of International Students and the International Student Administrator must be translated for the student’s family.  This includes school reports, progress updates and any issues that may have arisen.

  • Contact the Director of International Students with information or concerns from the student’s family.




Our International Agents



Johnny Sungmo Ku


Korean Educational Recruiting Agent


 Garth and Mo Reason 

Chinese Educational Recruiting Agents 


Nicole Waugh and Bena Zhu

Overseas Education Recruiting Agents 



Xander Huang

Chinese Education Recruiting Agent



Jeff Lin (Yu-Jung Lin)

Chinese Education Recruiting Agent



Catherine Kim 

Korean Education Recruiting Agent

JM Education 



Doris Huang

Director - F & H International Consultancy Ltd