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Code of Conduct for International Students


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2 . Dates at Fairfield Intermediate:

3: Contact  at Fairfield Intermediate:


  • Homestay placements will not be changed unless in the event of an emergency and at the discretion of the International Director.
  • If a homestay is changed then the Agent will  make the necessary transport/ accommodation arrangements until the school finds other accommodation.
  • A change in the homestay will incur a Cancellation Fee of $250.00 payable to the school before alternative homestay accommodation is arranged. 
  • A  homestay change will require an additional payment of $250.00 to the new homestay family.
  • ALL contact  made between the student and their family will be made at school with the Agent.


  • All mobile phones and  electronic devices will be handed in to the homestay family at 7:00 pm every night. They will be handed back to them at 7:00 am the following morning. Any Breach of this rule will mean immediate expulsion from the homestay family and a cancellation fee of $250.00 to be paid.  There will be no refund to the student or the agent.  The agent will then make alternative accommodation for the student until a new homestay is found.
  • A breach of this rule will incur a cancellation fee of $250.00 and the student will not be able to return to the school until this fee is paid. There will be no refund of fees.
  • Students will  be expected to adhere to  the family rules of the homestay. They are expected to show appreciative and co-operative behavior and respect to the              New Zealand hosts. All students will be expected to use  polite language, i.e., please and thank you in the homestay and will be expected to partake in all family activities.  Failure to do this will result in students being removed from the homestay family by the Agent and incur the above cancellation fees.

AGENT Responsibilities for Students at School:

  • Have a Representative at the school for the entire time with their students unless discussed with the Director of International Students.
  • Any behaviour issues must be dealt with clearly and effectively by the Agent after consultation with the Director of International Students. Any disruptive, aggressive, rude or belligerent behaviour will not be tolerated and is grounds for dismissal from the school. Should this occur there will be NO REFUND to the student and the Agent  will pay a cancellation  fee of $500.00 PER STUDENT.
  • Agents must attend all specialist  interactions, farewell homestay family dinners and  school assemblies where required.


  • I will give my phone in each day to the school and collect at the end of the day.
  • I will not use abusive/ bullying behavior or language at school.
  • I will follow the school Rules and Protocol for Emergency Procedures.
  • I will not use any inappropriate material at school on my computer, literature or electronic device.
  • I will follow the rules and regulations of the classroom.
  • I will put our school virtues into practice.
  • Demonstrate Respect to staff , students and school rules at all times.

I have read and understood the above conditions of my enrolment at Fairfield Intermediate School.



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